New Year New Marriage DVD & Workbooks

$75.00 $197.00

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  • One DVD
  • Two Workbooks


  • How to achieve transparency in your marriage!
  • What the 3 levels of intimacy are!
  • How to build a foundation of love for a lifetime!
  • The truth about communication in your marriage!
  • How to conquer conflict in your marriage!
  • How to set and work towards goals in your marriage and family!



  • Couples with communication problems
  • Couples who argue
  • Couples who want to reach a new level in their marriage
  • Marriage Minstries
  • Couples who meet in small groups
  • Couples who need help developing intimacy
  • Couples with children
  • Couples who won’t attend counseling
  • Couples who need help overcoming conflict
  • Couples who wish to develop more tranparency
  • Couples who want to develop the “IT” factor
  • Couples who enjoy marriage education workshops/retreats
  • Couples who want a “NEW” marriage!

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