New Year New Marriage Online Training & Digital Workbook

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New Year, New Marriage is an education/workshop based online training and digital workbook that couples can use "at home" to strengthen their marriages. Led by the country's top African American marriage experts.


  • How to achieve transparency in your marriage!
  • What the 3 levels of intimacy are!
  • How to build a foundation of love for a lifetime!
  • The truth about communication in your marriage!
  • How to conquer conflict in your marriage!
  • How to set and work towards goals in your marriage and family!



  • Couples with communication problems
  • Couples who argue
  • Couples who want to reach a new level in their marriage
  • Marriage Ministries
  • Couples who meet in small groups
  • Couples who need help developing intimacy
  • Couples with children
  • Couples who won’t attend counseling
  • Couples who need help overcoming conflict
  • Couples who wish to develop more transparency
  • Couples who want to develop the “IT” factor
  • Couples who enjoy marriage education workshops/retreats
  • Couples who want a “NEW” marriage!

What Couples Are Saying:

My husband I are already breaking ground on improving our communication with one another. Speaking to one another about transparency and emotional safety was something that we had never done before. New Year New Marriage set the stage for an open discussion. Using the workbook in conjunction with the lessons that are taught on the dvd is really helpful in locking in each message.  We have been to counseling at different points throughout our marriage and never were we able to get as deep with one another as we did on just the first section! - Stacey in Atlanta

This has helped my husband open up a lot more and I have yet to hear him talk as much as he does when we go through the exercises.  We have a deeper connection and the book gives us ideas to go beyond the exercises.  We communicate more often and have been creating extra time to connect even if it is for a few minutes.  We customize the teachings to our own marriage and even the difficult conversations become more bearable and productive.  We are enjoying this and are getting ready to share with our church life group and friends! - Martine in FL


Six topics with expert instruction broken down into separate segments. New Year, New Marriage is the perfect tool to assist your marriage from the comfort of your own home. New Year, New Marriage is also great for small groups, marriage ministries and organizations who offer marriage education.

Ayize & Aiyana Ma'at - Transparency: A Key Ingredient to a Healthy Marriage

Among all the key elements of a healthy marriage, there is one most couples often neglect, transparency. Ayize and Aiyana Ma’at, founders of B-Intentional and creators of The Blueprint for Building Lasting Love classes, communicate the importance of transparency and how to achieve it in your marriage. In order to establish, sustain and support your union, transparency is necessary. The Ma’ats explain the main ingredients for experiencing transparency in your relationship. Discover how your partnership measures up in this area.

Dr. Dwayne L. Buckingham - The Three Levels of Intimacy

Dr. Dwayne Buckingham, founder and CEO of R.E.A.L. Horizons Consulting Service, instructs couples on understanding what is needed to successfully build a relationship. He suggests we understand the foundations of intimacy. During this segment, we learn about the 3 levels of intimacy. As Dr. Buckingham explains, in every relationship we desire intimacy, so it makes sense that couples should work at perfecting it in their relationship.

Dr. Johnny & Lezlyn Parker - Building a Foundation of Love for a Lifetime

Dr. Johnny and Lezlyn Parker, creators of the Parker Group and authors of Renovating Your Marriage Room by Room, enlighten us on how to build a foundation of love for a lifetime. Dr. Parker shares that nurturance is a critical component to being intentional about love and about connecting. Great marriages are built intentionally.

Reggie & Peachie Williams - Communication: Discovering a Different Point of Reference

Reggie and Peachie Williams, founders of Marriage Nectar, teach us about communication. Most couples find communication to be their biggest challenge. The Williams revealed that 55% of communication is not what you say, but what you do. Making sure the information you want to get across is getting across in an effective manner is imperative.  Discover the truth about the communication in your marriage.

Dr. Shane Perrault - Conflict Resolution: Do you have The “It” Factor?

Dr. Shane Perrault, Psychologist and Founder of African-American Marriage Counseling, discusses the importance of having the “it” factor in your marriage. He says many couples search for the key element that keeps them together. It normally isn’t attractiveness, sex, or money. Dr. Perrault says determining whether or not a couple has the “it” factor usually depends on what happens during conflict. The “it” factor relates to what transpires when we have a conflict and it is emotional. The main idea for couples during conflict is to discover “can we cut a deal, that works for both of us”, according to Dr. Perrault.

Carlos & Katherine Greene - Family Goal Planning

Without a plan, things fall apart. This includes family and relationships. Another key ingredient for marriage success lies in achieving the goals and plans we create as a family. Carlos and Katherine Green are the founders of The Family Goal Planning Guide and Workbook. They explain the importance of setting goals, achieving those goals and working together to ensure you are setting appropriate expectations.


Make a small investment in your marriage to create a huge impact!

  • Save Money

    A divorce can cost up to THIRTY THOUSAND DOLLARS by the time it’s over. Make this small investment now to save money, time, and emotional pain later.

  • Expert Instruction

    Learn from some of the top African American marriage experts in the country. We’ve pulled together an all-star team of coaches, counselors and therapists who want to make your marriage better!

  • Get The Answers

    Get the information you need to improve your marriage all from the comfort of your own home. You can work through the course in one sitting or break it down over time.

Are You Doing The Same Things and Expecting Different Results?

New Year, New Marriage gives you a great opportunity to get out of your marriage rut. And if you're not in a rut you can still use the course to take your marriage to another level. If your marriage is not where you want it to be you have to do something different to get it there. Dr. Gary Chapman, author of The 5 Love Languages says:

Marriages Get Better or Worse. They Never Stand Still.

This is your opportunity to put in the work to make sure your marriage is becoming better. Regardless of where your marriage currently stands, it won't stand still so make sure you're continually working to make it better.


We’re convinced that you will see the value in New Year, New Marriage. For some reason if you don’t, just let us know within 30 days and we’ll refund your money! Yes you read that correctly, we’ll refund your money if you are not satisfied. Your marriage needs this, so don’t wait any longer!

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