After We Say Our Vows: A 21 Day Marriage Journal for Christian

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Ready to set the foundation for a strong, healthy marriage grounded in spirituality? After We Say Our Vows is your first step. The perfect gift for any married Christian couple, After We Say Our Vows is the perfect activity book for couples to complete together.

Why you Need This Book

By answering the questions in this book, you will get closer to your spouse and generate a spiritual dialogue that brings the wisdom of Christ into your marriage. To really craft God’s vision for your marriage requires focusing the wisdom and insight that God has placed inside of you on specific areas of your life. It’s like the experiment that many of us did as kids, taking a magnifying glass and allowing the rays of the sun to filter through it and concentrate the heat of the rays on a piece of paper until the paper caught fire. In much the same way, concentrate the wisdom of God on your future, so He can burn away the obstacles in front of you and make the path clear.

How This Book Works

This marriage journal consists of guided questions that will require careful reflection. Each question is designed to be answered individually. After each person answers the question, read your answers together and discuss. Whether you do one question a day for 21 days or choose to do one question per week, the choice is yours. These questions are the beginning of the process of seeing God clearly in your marriage. Therefore, the answers that your questions generate, are neither right or wrong, just glimpses into what you both value.

As you discuss these questions, some commonalities and differences will surely begin to emerge. Embrace both because this is where you will see, and begin to write out, what core values, principles, and recurring themes are woven into your individual relationship. As you begin to see the points of common thought and relationship with God, you can begin to pray and seek God’s wisdom.

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