Manage Your Money: A 12 Month Budget Planner to Transform Your Finances

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Ready to take the first step toward achieving your financial goals? This budget planner is your first step.  Whether you want to pay off your credit cards, build up your savings account, increase your credit score, or make a large purchase, there’s no better time to take control of your finances than NOW.

How This Budget Planner Works:

This book is broken down into 5 different sections to help you transform your money mindset and your finances:

  • Step 1: Determine My Money Mindset
  • Step 2: Set Financial Goals
  • Step 3: Set Your Monthly Budget
  • Step 4: Track Your Credit Score
  • Step 5: Pay Down Your Debt

In Step 1, you will start by identifying your financial mindset. By answering thought-provoking questions, you will gain insight into your personal relationship with money and how it impacts your financial decision-making.

In Step 2, you will set short-term, mid-term, and long-term financial goals.

Refer back to this section throughout the year to motivate yourself to reach the goals that you set. Writing down your financial goals is the first step toward bringing them to life.

In Step 3, you will find 12 months of budget planning pages you will use to develop a monthly spending plan. By creating a written budget and tracking your income, expenses, and spending, you will be much more likely to reach your financial goals . At the end of each month, you will reflect on your financial progress, celebrate your financial wins, and identify opportunities to cut down on your expenses and increase your income.

In Step 4, you will review and track your credit score.

In Step 5, you will use the debt tracking worksheets to help you track and pay off your debt.

By following the simple five step plan outlined in this book, you will finally be able to take control of your spending and achieve your financial goals. If you are ready to transform your finances, grab a copy for yourself or a friend and get started today.

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