Why Did I Say "I Do" Book


Why Did I Say, “I Do” is a thought-provoking question that many wives must continue to face in their marriage not just at the altar, but after the altar. “After experiencing three previous marriages, this last “I Do” was very different,” says Davetta “Dee” Mallory as she transparently shares how God transformed her heart and mind regarding marriage in order to say “I Do” again.

“I Do” are two powerful words that should lead you to the heart and mind of Christ and throughout this book you will be enlightened to God’s original intent & purpose for marriage as you gain a greater understanding of the man you have been assigned to. This book will equip you to not only stand in your “I Do” to your husband, but unto Christ when faced with unforeseen obstacles.

Why Did I Say, “I Do” breaks down marital myths developed by mankind & religious views regarding marriage and focuses on building a Kingdom marriage mindset within you as you learn how to:

  • Restore the heart of the man within your husband
  • Rekindle the love for the man assigned to your life
  • Recognize who you are as woman and wife according to God’s original intent for marriage
  • Respond proactively to the plots and plans Satan uses to destroy marriage
  • Reposition your life of marriage to model Christ's true meaning and not your own feelings.

“Why me” shall no longer be a question, when God is ready to cultivate a stronger “why” within you so He can use His miraculous power (dunamis) to catapult your marriage for heaven’s greater destiny and not hell’s plot & plans for divorce.